Global optimization

A plethora of problems in process synthesis, design, manufacturing, and the chemical and biological sciences require the solution of nonlinear optimization problems with multiple local solutions.

Our work in this area aims at developing an all-purpose, rigorous global optimization methodology for continuous, integer, and mixed integer nonlinear programs. Our results have included the development of: (a) a unifying framework for domain reduction which produces existing and new range-reduction techniques for integer and nonlinear programs, (b) a theory of convex extensions, which we employ to develop convex/concave envelopes of a variety of nonlinear functions, leading to the first semidefinite programming relaxation for fractional programs, (c) an entirely linear outer-approximation scheme for factorable nonlinear programs, (d) finite branching schemes for certain continuous nonconvex problem classes for which standard branch and bound approaches are merely convergent, (e) convex and concave envelopes for a variety of frequently occurring functions.

Applications of our algorithms have included molecular design, chemical process design, long range planning of chemical processes, chip layout and compaction, design of just-in-time manufacturing systems, design and analysis of metabolic and other biological systems, and control of complex chemical processes. Problems which up to recent times were thought to require advanced (such as parallel or distributed) computers for their solution, can be solved with modest hardware using our global optimization package BARON. This software has served as an enabling technology in a variety of application areas, including:

  • modeling and design of metabolic pathways (S. Ghosh, T. Zhu, I. E. Grossmann, M. M. Ataai, and M. M. Domach, Metabolic Engineering, 8, 491-507, 2006),
  • the development of new Runge-Kutta methods for partial differential equations (S. J. Ruuth, Mathematics of Computation, 75, 183-207, 2006),
  • equilibrium computations and mechanism design (M. Ferris, S. P. Dirkse, and A. Meeraus, Frontiers in Applied General Equilibrium Modeling, 2005),
  • energy policy making (A. S. Manne and L. Barreto, Energy Economics, 26, 621-633, 2004),
  • agricultural advisory services (S. M. Cabrini, B. G. Stark, H. Onal, S. H. Irwin, D. L. Good and J. Martinez-Filho, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 6, 237-252, 2004), and
  • process estimation for control (J. Roll, A. Bemporand, and L. Ljung, Automatica, 40, 37-50, 2004).

Currently, our efforts center around further advancing the state of the art of global optimization algorithms and offering solutions to important applications, including supply chain operations optimization and molecular design and analysis. The ultimate goal is to provide, through BARON, a precise and valuable computational tool to engineers and scientists.

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