Sahinidis is awarded 2016 National Award and Gold Medal by HELORS (June 2016).
Sahinidis wins 2015 Carathéodory Prize jointly with Floudas and Grossmann (February 2015).
Optimizing for fun (December 2009).
Sahinidis is named Swearingen chair (May 2008).
Sahinidis wins Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize (July 2006).
Sahinidis is named University Scholar (February 2006).
Sahinidis is named Center for Advanced Studies Associate (August 2005).
Sahinidis wins INFORMS Computing Society Prize (October 2004).
Novel algorithms for crystallographic computing UIUC NEWS, NEWS, and spectroscopyNOW (August 2003).
Computational discovery of potentially environmentally benign compounds ChemMatters (February 2000).